Wednesday, October 17, 2012


We just received our FIRST donation for our fundraiser, I am SO blessed to have such a loving and supportive friend in my life!  I was actually holding off on sharing our fundraiser page online until I linked it up to our church or adoption agency instead of paypal, but my amazing friend decided to go ahead and get us started either way. Thank you, Jessica and family!

When we picked Christian I just saw that face--and I KNEW that he was mine.  I was looking for a little Chinese girl--but could not stop thinking about him.  His laundry list of disabilities didn't seem to matter or bother us at all--it must be that red thread of fate.  I keep looking at pictures and....We found 3 kids that we LOVE just by looking at their pictures and small paragraph of information, but they are not listed with our agency so we would have to jump some big hurdles to make that type of a situation a reality.  Also, none of them have disabilities that we put down as considering for this adoption, so we may have to widen our options since we have no problems accepting these particular disabilities, either. We are still working on our paperwork and we are meeting with our social worker again next week in order to complete our homestudy.  She's a pretty fun mama herself, so we always enjoy getting together with her.  So, we will just keep plugging along.

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