Friday, October 26, 2012

My poor social worker

She had the pleasure of visiting us at school today.  And while it was just a typical day for us, it probably looks a bit outrageous for an outsider, even a social worker at that.  Students screaming and swearing in the hallways.  Some sitting in clusters near the gym rather than going to class.  Dismissal time finally arrived, along with the police and ambulance due to some sort of fight.  I think after being there for so many years I'm somewhat oblivious to it all, thankfully.  I am lucky to work with dedicated individuals that WANT to be there, that see hope for our students, and that really love their job, even with the hard days here and there.  As usual, my students were the shining stars--the ones that are doing the right thing, and in no way involved with any hallway nonsense.  I am blessed to be in such a position, and I just hope that the students that are involved in inappropriate behaviors and/or violence find their way.

Anyway, back to more positive things:  our homestudy is almost completely written, our adoption classes are done, and we only have a couple of other documents to receive in order to proceed.  Another family that our social worker recently worked with was done with the entire process in 9 months, so that's pretty exciting.  We'd love to travel in the summer.

Other than that we are going to spend the weekend at soccer games, softball games, and we are going to throw a few Halloween events in there just in case we don't get to go trick-or-treating yet again this year due to the storm that is on the way.

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