Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Paperwork, Paperwork...

We are in the midst of compiling all of our documents, including reference letters, doctor notes, new birth certificates and a new marriage license, and completing all sorts of essays about our family.  Phew--I'm exhausted, and I haven't even gotten down to business yet.  We are considering setting up a fundraiser website this time around.  We were so thankful last time to receive a grant from our agency due to Christian's special needs, as well as some generous support from the amazing Father at our church.  But..well, just like last time--we are running on faith alone that this will happen.  And it will.  We are open to a long list of special needs that we believe that we can handle, so if we don't pick a child/children prior to sending out our paperwork to China I'm sure that we will be matched quickly.  In an attempt to travel over the summer, I need to hurry up and get everything done asap in order to make that even a small possibility.  Next up:  fingerprints, parenting classes, and more paperwork to take to the state and Chinese Consulate in NYC.

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