Saturday, November 24, 2012

A boy and his baby

My first grader has really surprised me.  Not only does he LIKE his baby sister, but he really, really LOVES his baby sister.  His teachers have heard all about her.  Well, everybody that he talks to has heard about how pretty awesome that she is.  So, in her honor, he wrote all about her in school last week.  In case you don't read first grade handwriting very often, it says:

I am thankful for my baby.  Because she can say words.  And she even loves me, and more.  I love my baby so! so! so! much.  

Eric and Ellie, October 2011

I'm pretty sure that she feels the same way about you, my little big first grader!  Now, a couple of family members Maddie and Christian  appear to be missing from this picture, but we all get the idea.  This is about his little sister, NOT his little brother OR his big sister. And that's probably just fine with his little sis.
Eric and Ellie, October 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sleepy girls

Yes, we fall asleep just about anywhere in this house!

Homestudy update:  We are reviewing, revising, and sending it back to our social worker for a final revision tonight!

Ellie update:  Her immune system is compromised--the nurse's exact words--but that could mean just a cold or a viral infection.  Her next ultrasound is coming up soon, another blood draw to compare samples, and hopefully we will get some answers in the near future.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SO Thankful

I suppose it's kind of hard to keep up on a blog when I can't remember my password.  Hopefully I'm all set now.

Christian has been talking a lot about being thankful lately.  He's been reading books and talking about chickens in class--I'm pretty sure that he means turkeys, but I guess it's all the same to me!  I asked him what he's thankful for and he quickly and loudly told me James the Train.  No surprise there.  Jim laughed, and said that he's pretty sure that Christian is most thankful for his mommy.  I'd like to think that too.

Little Miss Ellie on the other hand--well, Christian would describe her as a Troublesome Truck.  She had a little tiny cyst on her spleen that just happened to double in size this past year.  SO, we spent Monday at the local Children's Hospital in the oncology/hematology center.  Yes, the Cancer Center.  Nothing makes a mama tear up a bit more than to see that title when walking towards that wing of the hospital, to hear the cries from the other rooms, to see all of the little children that have lost their hair, all of those families sitting around during the treatments.  I could not get out of there fast enough.  They went through a list of questions regarding Ellie--the CANCER questions--and they took a bunch of blood to check her out.  I am full of hope and I'm pretty sure that this will be a whole bunch of nothing--that our pediatrician is just covering her tush by following up with the big guys.

Ellie was given a beautiful little Boyds bear, courtesy of the American Cancer Society.  Remind me to raise some money for them--through a race or a zumbathon or something like that in the near future.

We haven't obtained the bloodwork results and we go in for another follow up ultrasound in a week or so, so just say a little prayer that Ellie is going to be just fine.  And all of those other little patients that are working so hard to feel better--send them some huge prayers too.

Adoption related--our homestudy will soon be ready for us to review, and hopefully within the next few weeks we will have our documents authenticated/verified/ready to go!  We have 54 days left for this particular fundraiser, so if you happen to have anything that you'd like to donate feel free! Here's the link:  Adoption Fundraiser for our new little one(s)