Saturday, November 24, 2012

A boy and his baby

My first grader has really surprised me.  Not only does he LIKE his baby sister, but he really, really LOVES his baby sister.  His teachers have heard all about her.  Well, everybody that he talks to has heard about how pretty awesome that she is.  So, in her honor, he wrote all about her in school last week.  In case you don't read first grade handwriting very often, it says:

I am thankful for my baby.  Because she can say words.  And she even loves me, and more.  I love my baby so! so! so! much.  

Eric and Ellie, October 2011

I'm pretty sure that she feels the same way about you, my little big first grader!  Now, a couple of family members Maddie and Christian  appear to be missing from this picture, but we all get the idea.  This is about his little sister, NOT his little brother OR his big sister. And that's probably just fine with his little sis.
Eric and Ellie, October 2012

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