Sunday, December 30, 2012

Children in my Heart (and on my mind)

Man, I wish I could show you some pictures of these little beauties, because I've been thinking of them for some time.

ROSE   7/14/2007

My, what a stunning little lady she is!!!  She has the most perfect face and appears to be full of mischief.  When we were adopting Christian, her file came to our agency just weeks prior to me leaving for China.  We went back and forth with our agency, to see how it would work and if it could work that we could get both children at once.  The kicker--we'd have to redo all of our paperwork and put off travelling to get Christian for at least 6 months.  Instead of meeting him in November 2010--I'd have to wait well into 2011 if we decided to proceed with Rose.  And...well...after waiting for SO long already to meet this little boy that we fell in love with---we decided to continue on and just adopt him.  But I never forgot about little Rose.

Every now and then I see Rose come up on this list or that one, and nobody has come forward to claim her as their own.  Based on our current situation and the way our homestudy is written, we can't adopt her.  She would go right into the school system here, and I know that we can't provide the support that she'd need in order to transition successfully into a system that sees few adoptive kids, and understands their needs and orphanage behaviors, especially since I need to work.

So for now, I'll continue to follow Rose and hope that she finds her forever family.

LEON and LOGAN  March 2011  TWINS!!!!

How, oh how are they still available?  This just does not make sense to to me, I cannot believe that a family has not snatched them up already.  They look like they'd bring some fun into any family.  Sadly, these little ones are not for us--we are holding out for twins that include at least one little girl, virtual twins, 2 from the same orphanage, or even 2 from different orphanages if we can work out the details.

PETER December 2011

I  keep thinking of little Peter.  He is a couple of months younger than Ellie, and is in good physical development and health.  He does have a waiting child grant in the amount of $2,200, just like my Christian did.  He is missing both of his arms below his elbows.  He DOES meet our list of qualifications, and is in our age range, but for now--he's just on our minds and hearts.  Could we provide him with the care that he needs in order to thrive?  Could we dive into the world of prosthetics and all that goes along with that?  Probably.

Either way, we are really thinking that we want to bring two home this time around, if we can find the right two little ones for our family.  But I really think that I need one more little girl, or else our boys will be stuck playing dress up with me forever.  And that might be fun initially, but long term?  Probably not.

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