Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vehicles of Past, Present, and Future

I've had my share of cars, let me tell you--and each of them had some very decent attributes and some--well, not so much.

PRESENT:  Saturn Vue

This one is a pretty color, isn't it?  Ours isn't quite as pretty.

Pros:  good on gas, great storage
Cons:  5 seater.  Must I say more?  We are currently a family of 6 and with adding another one or two--well, this one just won't cut it.

PRESENT:  Honda Pilot

I like the background in this picture, and the color of this Pilot.

Pros:  8 Seater. Yeah!  Decent on gas for something this big
Cons:  Clearly, nobody that created the Pilot actually thought that somebody utilizing this car would need to fit 6 car seats.  Or even 4.  Or even would need to bring a stroller and kid goodies everywhere that she goes.  Nope, no. good. at. all.

Past:  Jeep Wrangler

Ahh this was fun.  My husband's dream, even with his current family size.
Pros:  Fun in the summer and minimal maintenance
Cons:  Can't fit a family of our size.  Bummer.

PAST:  Suburban

Pros:  Luxurious and tons of space for my stroller obsession!
Cons:  Gas.  Ummm, gas.  That's about it.

PAST:  Geo Metro Convertible

Pros: Ahh, I love me a convertible! and gas cost.  It fit my dogs perfectly right behind the seats, unless they tried to crawl in our laps.  Obviously, pre-children.
Cons:  safety, 2 seater only (could be a pro??)

Future:  Not sure what my next vehicle will be--we have outgrown minivan status, the Pilot AND the Vue are not winners for us, and we toy with the idea of a van or something large.  With privacy glass.  Just saying.

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