Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A day in the life of...

a working mama.

5:05--press snooze.  x3...or more.

5:35-6:30--mad dash to get everybody ready, including myself.

6:30-7:30--hour commute.  Awesome.

7:40-2:30--work.  Today included midterm exams, making sure that every student got on the bus, file review, CAPT Checklist training, checking on student physicals, connecting with a couple of parents, correcting said exams, etc, etc, etc...How did my TO DO list get longer?!?  As soon as I cross off something I have to add 2 more things.

2:30-3:30--hour commute with 1 coffee, with a pit stop at the credit union

3:30-4:15--prepare dinner, play with the two smallest kiddos, and wait for #2 to get off of the bus.  Highlight of the afternoon:  a special package came all the way from Australia--finally--and it included a Thomas DS cover.  Does somebody look THRILLED or what?

4:15-5:30--carpool time with 6 kids.  There were 3 cool chicks in the back yelling out PADIDDLE, baby girl rocking out to some Van Halen and Rihanna, and Christian asking for the Call Me Maybe song.  Good times.

5:30-6:15--dinner, homework and making 3 kid  lunches for tomorrow, all with a 1 year attached to my hip.  Go me--I'm at the point that I can cook and hold Ellie at the same time, not even in her Beco.

6:15-8--cardio kickboxing @ the gym and stopping at the gas station, since I probably won't want to stop for gas in the morning with the anticipated snowy mix.

8:15--kisses for the munchkins, cleaning up, getting clothes out for 4 kids for the morning, and a little computer time.

I'm beat--and due to my kickboxing class I probably won't be able to sleep.  Go figure.  Crossing my fingers for a snow day for tomorrow, but a delay would be just fine so that I can get to work safely.

Days like this make me completely appreciate my Saturday and Sundays at home, and all of the days off that I have as a teacher so that I can hang out with the little ones.  Three days left until a long weekend, but who's counting?

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