Sunday, January 6, 2013

How to adopt 2 at the same time in China: The Rules

Since it is highly unlikely that we will be matched with twins, we have to follow the following guidelines in order to proceed with adopting two children at the same time:


1.  -Submit dossier, receive log-in date, and get matched with child #1.  Once we receive the official approval (Letter of Seeking Confirmation) for the first child, we have less than one month to find a special focus child and request to move forward with that child as well.


2.  -Get matched with a special focus child, and the second match also will be a special focus child.  I believe that we would also have less than one month to find child number two after the first child is officially approved for our family.  

What is a special focus child?  A special focus child is one with greater medical needs or one that has been on the shared list for more than 60 days with no agency locking in their file.

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