Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Nana

I know that Nana would not want her face posted all over the Internet, but she is the one that I'm thinking of today.  We are making pizzas and calzones, as well as peanut butter blossoms.  It is haircut day for the boys.        It is tubby day for the three littles.  Life is good.  Eric got new light up sneakers yesterday, and he is in the BEST mood.  Maddie is making potato people--as always, she is so creative and such a little artist.  Christian's teacher wrote to me, and indicated that his significant hearing loss in his GOOD ear isn't impacting  him in class.  Thank goodness.  Ellie keeps eyeing those cookies and making sounds at them---"MMMMMmmm!!!"  It is starting to snow.

Life is good.

‎"Life's most persistent and urgent question is: 'What are you doing for others?'" 

- Dr Martin Luther King Jr

We are getting our fingerprints done on Wednesday @ USCIS.  We are thrilled to be this far in the process finally but we were recently informed that our beloved Nana must get her fingerprints done as well.  Which will certainly put off our hopes of submitting our dossier by March.  Or even possibly April.

While we are frustrated with the process, we know there is a plan in place, that there is a reason for the delays.

Nana is the one that cares for our baby Ellie daily.  The one that sings to her, cuddles with her, nurtures her.  She is counting, talking, and so able to love.

Nana is the one that I initially entrusted Christian with.  The one that cried with him as I went back to work.  The one that cuddled with him and kissed him to make sure that he was OK while I was gone.  The one that gave him cookies and love as I worked.

While we are frustrated with the delays, we are excited that Nana will be able to love our new children as we do.  Nana is also an adoptive mom.  Nana would love our new children as our own and she is the one that I entrust our children to.  And so if it is necessary that she needs fingerprints also, so be it.  We will wait for our new Chinese little ones.

While all of our children love their biological Nana and Grammy, they spend their mornings and days with this Nana.  The Nana that fixes their boo-boos. The Nana that prepares their breakfast.  The Nana that gets them on the bus.  The Nana that sings to them.  The Nana that gives them special chocolates.  The Nana that will---apparently--be getting her fingerprints done in order for us to proceed with this adoption.

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