Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Shared List

Currently, there are over 2000 special needs children in China that are on the list.  This list includes children that have been approved for international adoption that are not on a designated adoption agency's list.  Some kids on this list have sadly been waiting for years, and some don't stay on the list for more than a few days.  Unfortunately, this list does not include any photos.  One can request to preview the file and view the pictures of the child, but reviewing pages and pages of numbered children without pictures to tug at your heart is difficult.

Now, thinking back to our first adoption--I saw Christian's face first.  His face is what made an impression on me, instead of a terrifying list of disabilities.  Honestly, if we saw his information with no photo, we may have passed right on by without even requesting his file.

Imagine this:  

Child Number:  xxx
DOB: xxx
Diagnosis:  Multiple Disabilities

-Plagiocephaly of the left parietal-occipital region
-Inner and outer ear deformity (microtia/atresia)
-Musculoskeletal issue:  missing both radius and ulna on right side and has a malformed elbow joint
-hip assymmetry
-Scoliosis:  anterior displacement of L5 to S1

If that is all of the information that you are provided, would you have passed right on by that file?  
Or would you have been intrigued?  
Or perhaps overwhelmed?  

What if you saw his picture first, before that list of disabilities?

Christian, around 13 months

Christian, around 13 months

Forget the list of overwhelming disabilities and just look at that face.  This little one just needed his own Mama and Baba.

Thanks for reading!  If you still would like to donate, there are only 17 days left for our fundraiser!  Thanks to all who have donated, prayed, offered well wishes, and supported us.  Much love to you all.


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