Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank you, Auntie Margie

Auntie Margie
Thank you, Auntie Margie.  I appreciate how supportive that you have been regarding this adoption. I appreciate connecting with you on Facebook.  Thank you for loving my children and family from afar. I appreciate how able you were on the computer.  I appreciate knowing and loving you for all of these years.  Thank you for being so strong this past year--I know it was a tough one--probably the toughest one ever, and I can't even imagine. I have been very sad since learning of your passing on Friday night, even though you would not want me to be.

You would be happy to know that our New Hampshire document arrived safely today, and we should be sending our documents to the NYC Chinese Consulate next week. Something funny--Jim asked me the other day if I thought that our new children have been born yet.  What a silly question to ask, except when one is adopting.

Much love to you, Auntie Margie.

Cancer sucks.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Lots of Love

Besides it being Valentine's Day, which is always a fun day with delicious treats, goodies, and arts/crafts--we have an adoption update!  We received our I-797 from the Department of Homeland Security today, and we have been officially APPROVED to adopt two children from China!  

We have opted to adopt children under 3, with mild/moderate special needs, and we are open to many needs.

 Here are 2 cupcakes for our kiddos waiting in China, courtesy of Nana and Dawn's Desserts.  

And here is a cupcake for each of our kiddos--we should have a half dozen next year--oh my!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Day

New Day contest--check it out!

What to do when snowed in--2013

Hang out with the dog

Take out and throw everything on the floor
 the cabinets

Make snake glasses and slither like snakes, since it is now the Year of the Snake

Clear a path for the dog, or just watch Daddy do it

Whip out the gymnastics mats and get dressed up for a show--after a sleepover, of course

Pyramid time!

Food.  Lots of food.  Do you like our double yolker?

Happy Chinese New Year !!! Gung Hei Fat Choi!

Monday, February 4, 2013

All Alone in China...

With the exceptionally cold temperatures, we are here dreaming of a vacation.  In fact, I have a picture on our desktop of our sole family trip to Disney from 2010.  When my father passed the summer before, we decided on two things:
1.  We were going to go on at least one family vacation annually
2.  We were no longer going to wait on starting on our first adoption

Life is too short to keep waiting on #1 and #2.  

Anyway, Christian keeps checking out the picture on our desktop.  He is pretty excited to see Mickey and Minnie.  He says:  

"There's Mickey, Minnie, Mom, Dad, Maddie, Eric, and my Auntie.  Where's Ellie?  Hiding in your belly?  And where's Christian???  Am I all alone in China?????"

The ALL ALONE IN CHINA part is in the most pitiful, sad voice ever.  He even had a sad face.  He thought we took a secret trip to Disney and left him ALL ALONE in China.  No way, kiddo.  I assured him that he was taken care of by another Mama in China that loved him very much.  So much in fact, that he cried for days about her when I got him in Wuhan.  We were just waiting to travel, and went to get him only 3 months after this Disney trip.

This makes me think that we need to consider another trip to Disney, one that includes all 4 kids...road trip this summer perhaps?