Monday, February 4, 2013

All Alone in China...

With the exceptionally cold temperatures, we are here dreaming of a vacation.  In fact, I have a picture on our desktop of our sole family trip to Disney from 2010.  When my father passed the summer before, we decided on two things:
1.  We were going to go on at least one family vacation annually
2.  We were no longer going to wait on starting on our first adoption

Life is too short to keep waiting on #1 and #2.  

Anyway, Christian keeps checking out the picture on our desktop.  He is pretty excited to see Mickey and Minnie.  He says:  

"There's Mickey, Minnie, Mom, Dad, Maddie, Eric, and my Auntie.  Where's Ellie?  Hiding in your belly?  And where's Christian???  Am I all alone in China?????"

The ALL ALONE IN CHINA part is in the most pitiful, sad voice ever.  He even had a sad face.  He thought we took a secret trip to Disney and left him ALL ALONE in China.  No way, kiddo.  I assured him that he was taken care of by another Mama in China that loved him very much.  So much in fact, that he cried for days about her when I got him in Wuhan.  We were just waiting to travel, and went to get him only 3 months after this Disney trip.

This makes me think that we need to consider another trip to Disney, one that includes all 4 kids...road trip this summer perhaps?  

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