Monday, February 25, 2013

Thank you, Auntie Margie

Auntie Margie
Thank you, Auntie Margie.  I appreciate how supportive that you have been regarding this adoption. I appreciate connecting with you on Facebook.  Thank you for loving my children and family from afar. I appreciate how able you were on the computer.  I appreciate knowing and loving you for all of these years.  Thank you for being so strong this past year--I know it was a tough one--probably the toughest one ever, and I can't even imagine. I have been very sad since learning of your passing on Friday night, even though you would not want me to be.

You would be happy to know that our New Hampshire document arrived safely today, and we should be sending our documents to the NYC Chinese Consulate next week. Something funny--Jim asked me the other day if I thought that our new children have been born yet.  What a silly question to ask, except when one is adopting.

Much love to you, Auntie Margie.

Cancer sucks.

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