Friday, March 29, 2013


A normal person that is not adopting from China might be asking--what the heck are you talking about?!?  We got the call today that our dossier is on it's way to China! 
DTC=Documents To China
Here we go!!!!

I'd like to send a huge thanks to Chris at for helping us to submit our paperwork so seamlessly to the NYC Chinese Consulate.  He was wonderful.

In other good news for the day:  Madison does not need braces for at least 2 more years and Christian's neurosurgery team at the children's hospital is not AT ALL worried about the cyst found on his spine.  AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!

Happy Good Friday!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

That Darn Leprechaun!

It was a fabulous St. Patrick's Day, except....
the leprechaun forgot to bring Lucky Charms.

 He brought chocolate kisses instead, green--of course.  
But he didn't color anything green.  Or leave any coins. 
 His note had an oddly familiar look to it.  
So familiar, in fact, that Maddie recognized the handwriting.
 At the age of 9 3/4, there were tears.  
Devastating news really--since she put it all together--
the leprechaun, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and.....SANTA.  Oh my.
Now that she has figured out her new big girl role in the whole thing, 
there have been a lot of special winks.  
And a special shopping trip tomorrow morning. 

Mommy and her big girl have some baskets to prepare for the weekend.  

Monday, March 18, 2013

Going Under

Here is the happiest little patient at the children's hospital.  

Surgery went fine and he is currently running around the house.  


P.S.  This picture looks much better on the phone.  Please forgive me.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Closing in on the 6 month mark

It's been almost 6 months since we started this adoption.

Pretty much, paper chasing.  AKA the boring part of adoption.

We collected all of our initial notarized documents early this time around, thinking about how efficient we were.

Unfortunately, we may have to redo a few documents, since China needs them by the time they are six months old. We certainly did not anticipate a longer time frame this time around.

New Hampshire has been amazing--so efficient, and they even called me on the phone to confirm something a few weeks ago!

Our own state is another story.  They held on to our documents for a few weeks, and sent one of them back to us that could not be processed.  Understandably, but it would have been great if they contacted us a while ago so that my letter of employment could have been redone earlier.

Either way, I am no longer stressed about how long this is taking.  It is out of my hands, and I am at peace with that.

As soon as my new letter of employment gets back from the state, we will have all documents on their way to the Chinese Consulate.  And on their way back to us.  And on their way to our adoption agency.  And FINALLY, on their way to China.

18 months old
Meanwhile, life goes on.

Baby girl turned 18 months and she is just full of spunk and attitude.  She is talking up a storm and will dance to any beat. She had a great time out in the snow on Friday with the big kids.

Christian had a spinal MRI a couple of weeks ago and they found a cyst on his spine, so we have to follow up with another doctor.  He is a regular at the children's hospital lately for a few different reasons, and he knows where all of the good local stops are-like McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts.

Maddie is going to be in a play in a few weeks, and can't wait for softball to start.

Eric is begging for golf, swimming and guitar lessons, but will have to settle for t-ball this spring.

Jim and I are enjoying a long weekend due to another snow day.  Again.