Friday, April 19, 2013

A Little Family Fun

I'll be honest.  Just last week, I was feeling a little down.  Our spring break ended up being only a long weekend.  Hubby and I had to teach all week, while all of our children had the week off.  I know that I shouldn't even complain, and anybody in the teaching field has absolutely no sympathy for me.  Still, I was trying out how to figure out how to squeeze some fun into a 3 day weekend.  

While I was sitting there feeling sorry for our sad, teeny-tiny spring break, the most amazing thing happened.  We won 4 tickets to Disney on Ice from Kidtivity!  We were so excited to surprise the kids with this, and decided not to tell them until we got there.  One little dilemma:  we have 4 tickets and 6 people in our family.  Honestly, we haven't been out as much as a family now that Ellie is so mobile.  All that she wants to do is run everywhere, and she is the cutest little wild child that I have seen in a while. We haven't been to a show as a family of any sort since she was a newborn that I could easily carry in a wrap, so it's been a good 18 months.  I was considering just taking the 3 big kids, but I really thought that Ellie would love the show and I could really use my husband for backup.

So, I emailed Kidtivity and asked them if there was any way that I could buy the 2 tickets next to the 4 that we won.  I mean, I could either go with 3 kids or we could all go and sit in different sections.  Kidtivity worked on it, and they were AMAZING!!!!  They got us awesome seats and were kind enough to pay for the 2 extra tickets.  

It really warms my heart that there are such kind people in this world, and I am thankful to have run into a couple of women online from Kidtivity.

If you have not checked out Kidtivity on their website or on their Facebook Page, you really should.  I know when I am planning family activities I love to check out their website to get an idea of some local events going on that would be awesome for kids.

Trying to get 4 kids to even look in the same direction--every try that?!

The entire crew

Ellie kept Ooohing and Ahhhing when she saw Mickey and Minnie, and she had to stand on her seat because she was so excited.  Christian and Eric were thrilled to see all of the Cars and Toy Story parts of the show.  Maddie thought Barbie and Ken were pretty funny, and who doesn't still love Tinkerbelle?

This shows her complete excitement once she saw the show start

Glow in the dark toys are fun

Ahhh that smile gets me every time

Cuddling with his Mama


The best that I could get--not sure what happened! ;)  She was a little tired after hanging out with me at work all day.

 My camera died just as the show started, my poor little cracked phone had to attempt to pick up the slack.

Thank you, Kidtivity!!!  My entire family is so thankful for your absolute generosity!  

In other fantastic news this week, our Log In Date was on Monday, 4/15/13!  We could be matched with our newest addition(s) any day now! 

I guess this spring break wasn't so bad after all.

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