Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mei Mei {Little Sister}

At 19 and 3/4 months, this little sister has everybody wrapped around her little finger.  

Current favorite words:
Woo hoo!!! 

Her giggles are pretty awesome

and she loves to laugh out loud.
She is always inquiring about everything, and is learning a few new things each day.

She knows some simple sign language...
and a little Chinese.  Hao bu hao means:  Understand.

And this little one says it right back to us.  She understands.

Sometimes she sheds crocodile tears.

Oh, and do you see her special tooth?  Yeah, she chipped it (and probably swallowed it) this month.
Either way, she's pretty happy as long as she is outside.  Since she prefers to run (please note the chipped tooth in the picture above ) we got her a trike.
This trike keeps her safe.  And happy.  And giggly.  Which is just perfect, since I'd prefer for her to keep what's left of her front teeth for a few more years.
We love this little wild thing, our mei mei!

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