Friday, April 12, 2013


At this point in the game we are kind of just...waiting.  We are waiting for our Log In Date, which has probably already been issued from China.  Our agency will soon obtain this information and we will be contacted.

I'll be honest--it's harder this time around without a cute little picture or two for us to focus on.

Meanwhile, my hubby and I are going to school next week.  Last year at this exact time we were driving down to Daytona beach.  This was our first family vacation with FOUR kids.  We survived, AND we had an amazing trip, even if we were exhausted once we got back into our daily routine.  Reminiscing...
Big Bro--almost 6

Little Bro--almost 4

Big Sis--almost 9

First vacation with baby--@ 6 months old

View from our rental

We are still looking around and trying to figure out about our summer vacation plans.  We have a HUGE Christmas surprise for the kids, and we were just thinking:  Disney with up to 6 kids--are we crazy???!!!  Which aunties and uncles want to join us???!!!  Anybody?

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