Saturday, May 25, 2013

Birthday Boys x2

 If you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of May babies.

As a teacher, it's the best time of the year to take maternity leave if you want to stay home until school starts in August.

As a mom, it ends up just being one crazy busy and fun month.

When I saw that Christian was also a May baby--I knew that it was one more way that he would fit in our family just perfectly.  Boy was I right on that.

 These 2 guys share a room.
They are exactly 2 years and 9 days apart.
They have turned out to be as close as can be.
 If I have to go shopping, these are the two that I take.
 They are good helpers.
They entertain each other.
 When the cashier asks Eric if he is having fun with his friend, 
he proudly announces that Tingy is his brother.
At night I catch them in Eric's bed, with Eric reading a story to his little brother.
When Ting said that he wanted to see Thomas the Train for his birthday, he asked if his big brother can come along.
 And of course, they are BOTH amazing BIG brothers to their little sister.
Future Ellie dates:  be warned.  She has two big brothers that you need to deal with.
 Eric rocked out on his 7th birthday.
And Christian couldn't be happier to finally have HIS fifth birthday.

Happy birthday to my 2 favorite and fun little dudes.  Obviously I'm a very lucky mama.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day! Direct Quotes from my boys...

(Christian, almost age 5)
Let me tell you about my mom.
My mom is 23 years old.
She likes to help my dad.
The best thing she cooks is noodles.
Her favorite food is chicken.
Her favorite thing to do to relax is to go to her bed.
She is really good at cooking.
As you can see, my mom is special because she loves me.

(Eric, almost age 7)
My mom has:  green eyes and blonde hair.
My mom is 34 years old.
My mom likes to clean.
My mom doesn't like to yell.
My mom looks prettiest when she hugs my dad.
My mom makes me laugh when she tickles me.
I like my mom to cook pizza.
I don't like it when she cooks peas.
My mom likes me to help her put the laundry away.
When I am at school, my mom is at school too.
What I like best about my mom is she is the nicest.
I love you!!!
Happy Mother's Day!!!
Love and sincerely,

A birthday...and a referral

This week, my biggest got a little bigger.  She was born right before Mother's Day, and has given me reason to celebrate every year. 

Favorites:  cats, arts and crafts, and softball.
At 11:45 p.m. on Maddie's birthday we received a referral.  I'm a big date person--this could be our sign! We've been waiting impatiently patiently for this moment, and could not wait to see pictures and read about this little GIRL.  The following morning, we waited for our old computer to boot up so we could check out about this little baby girl.  She is beautiful, a chunker with rosy little cheeks.  However, she has some needs that are much bigger than we can handle.  We quickly consulted with an international adoption doctor within hours, and she confirmed some of our concerns.  With heavy hearts, we had to decline this referral.  I'll be thinking of this little one and I hope she can find her forever family soon.  This was really tough, but I don't think we could realistically meet her needs.

We will continue to wait, and hope that we receive another referral in June.