Monday, July 29, 2013

Road Tripping

We are THAT family. The one that needs TWO really old storage racks attached with multiple colored straps, hoping that all of our items make it to our destination.  The family that people come out of all doors AND the trunk when we rush out of the SUV.  

National Lampoon's Vacation anyone?  We just need an old wagon...

We picked a place with a lazy river, which was a big hit for the kids.
 We drove to Myrtle Beach.  A drive that took a full day to get to, and with all of the traffic we arrived at 2 a.m.

 Ellie is my little beach bum, and she has no problem joining and visiting strangers.  She has a seat, plays with their shovels, and goes from group to group making new friends.
 We took some walks on the beach at night. 
 Since I forgot my camera, we used my new phone to capture all of the moments.  Clearly I haven't figured out how to fix the settings.  Anyway, we saw some fireworks.
 Look at these cool dudes!
 Such characters!
 Mini golf:  Ellie got right in the game.
 Yes, it's silly to pick this poor guy's nose.
 The best hole @ Myrtle Beach!  Free babysitting and entertainment!  A huge thank you to the people that got this hole started for us!
 Nobody can leave home without a tablet and a little Netflix, especially this Spiderman addict.  
 Look at this happy kid!  After another DAY of driving we arrived in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Ever drive from the top to the bottom of Florida anyone?  We were pretty happy to check out their pool.
 And to goof around in the condo.
 What goes up...
 Must come down.  But I'm sure you saw that coming.
 The kids made US meals.
 I guess this was kind of like a date? LOL!
 Ellie found a purple marker and wrote all over her arm.  I can confirm that she is right-handed. 
 Another BIG thank you to the lady at the beach that offered to take our picture!  

 We drove a few miles to visit Hollywood Beach, where we stayed last summer.
 We walked up and down the boardwalk.
 After goofing around, we had to stop for ice cream.
 Happy girl.
 Strong boy!
 It rained for a few days, so we found some indoor activities.  First stop:  Museum of Discovery and Science.
 Perhaps he will be a future pilot.
 Engineer of some sort?
 We had a special dinner before we left, and watched a show at Mai-Kai Restaurant.
We ended up driving all the way home.  AT ONCE.  In 22.5 hours.  I think I was in a fog for 2 days.  My garden exploded.  My animals were happy.  My kids were NOT exhausted from the drive.  Go figure.

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