Thursday, July 4, 2013

The news...

Here is our Chinese adoption update!  

No update.  China has been very busy updating their system, and while they are working out the kinks there has been no new shared list since May.  Which also means no matches for us.  It seems so odd, since there are currently almost 2000 children adoption ready in the program.  Since we are approved for children under 3, along with so many other people adopting through the Chinese special needs program, we will have to continue to wait.  We are hoping that the new shared list will be here in July since we do anticipate a match off of the next released list.  If we aren't matched and ready to move soon, we won't get to travel before Christmas. I cannot believe that this adoption may actually take a year and a half!  

Meanwhile, we are having a ball on summer vacation.
 This includes lots of swimming.
 Without swimmies for the 2 oldest kids.
We could do this all day. 

Do you like these princess tootsies?
 My birthday cruise to the Bahamas=perfection.
 Meet our new baby niece/cousin! 
And of course, mani/pedi time with the big girl.

This summer can stay for a while.  Cause we sure are enjoying ourselves.


  1. waiting is hard.
    looks like your oldest is having so much fun at the spa getting a pedi! I cant wait till my girls are old enough to take to the spa!

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  3. It is hard. This adoption is taking much longer than we anticipated. You will have a great time with your girls!