Monday, September 23, 2013

How the big kids feel about the adoption

On Sunday, we were running all over the place.  CCD, a t-ball game, and 2 soccer games. This took all day, and we still didn't have time to take Maddie to her softball game. I mean, I am only 1 mom and can only be in so many places at once.

After the last soccer game the kids and I had an honest discussion about their new siblings. Christian is especially excited about his little brother.  He keeps calling him his little buddy. I asked the kids if they had any ideas about his name.  Eric's best friend is moving away soon, and Eric asked if we can name his little brother after his best friend. I like the name a lot, all of the kids agreed on it, and later on Daddy said that the name sounds great. It became more real for the boys as we put their new bunk beds together later that night.  Christian had some special pillows for his new brother's bed. He also gave him a little flashlight so he won't be scared to sleep.

Back to the car ride. We started talking about their little sister and a serious surgical procedure that she may need shortly after she gets home. I also explained about a minor issue that she has with 2 fingers, and I showed them what it looks like. I don't remember which kid said it, but the child said: God made her perfectly so that she can say I love you in sign language.  They all agreed, practiced signing with excitement, and I just about cried.

Things might be busy at our house. It is loud and fun and a little crazy at times.  I want to bottle up that moment though.  My children have the biggest hearts, and our two new babies will be SO loved.

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