Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hanging in the GZ

The flight from Nanchang to Guangzhou was rough.  My guy who caused such trouble on our long train ride did awesome.  My little princess decided that nothing was making her happy.  My guide was also on the flight and took Julia Mei for a while. She told me that the people sitting near her recommended that she return Julia Mei to me and take Jacob instead.  Hah! The highlight-if you could call it that-was playing in the kid area since the flight was delayed.  Pray for me on January 1st - it's going to be rough.

I checked into The Garden Hotel and everything looks exactly the same as when I adopted Christian, including the stunning Christmas tree since it's that time of the year again. This place is amazing and I'm so happy to be back here and so close to the end of this trip. I don't have a travel group and I'm starting to get pretty lonely. The kids had their medical appointments on Saturday morning and they were troopers until the end. The general medical doctor thinks that if the band is released Julia Mei's lower leg and foot can be repaired.  I am doubtful and looking forward with meeting with the team at Shriners.

We have been touring the city with and without my guide. We are in a very busy section and I enjoy taking the kids for long walks just to check everything out. My guide hates my stroller and prefers to take 2 smaller ones out. She wanted to take our picture everywhere even though the kids had no interest.

With the time difference I'm still absolutely exhausted by 7ish and have been going to sleep with the kids. This morning I woke to Julia Mei snuggling around my neck. She is something else! Now that she is more comfortable she is smiling and dancing a lot. She is quite demanding as well. My guide Helen, who filled in yesterday to assist at the Consulate Appointment explained to me that due to the 1 child policy every child typically has 4 adults that cater to the 1 child. I think Julia Mei had 4+ adults in her life that did just about anything she wanted.  I think she will easily win over her 2 biggest brothers and find herself catered to once again. Jacob is rough and tough. I hate when he falls and gets hurt - it's really the only time he's fussy. This morning he fell and cut his lip open. Other times he is very strong and when he leans on the table he can stand up for at least 10 minutes independently. He is learning some sign language and when it comes to food he signs MORE over and over. I am trying to feed the kids separately and even have them nap at different times so I can have some 1:1 bonding time with each. So far so good, except for tubby time which they insist on doing together.

Being our last day, I wanted to squeeze in some fun, and the weather cooperated. I strapped both kids on so we could walk around the hotel grounds to look at the fish,  the waterfall,  and we just enjoyed being out in the sun. They were cleaning my room so we continued to walk around the hotel and both kids fell soundly asleep on me. Bliss.

Later we took a taxi to Shamian Island to shop for gifts, stock up on goodies to help us get through the flight,  and we met up with some other fantastic adoptive families at Starbucks.  It was a perfect way to end this trip.

Next up: the newest citizens will be arriving in America! {If we aren't booted off the plane.}

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