Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Here we go! Travel approval!

We are finally here!  I received travel approval last week.  I submitted my 5 requested Consulate Appointment dates and we heard back on Thursday night that my first choice was approved.  What does this mean?  On Friday I spent the day going back and forth with travel agents trying to get a decent price on flights to and from China.  I didn't have many options since I am traveling during the holidays but the flights are booked either way.  I'll be leaving on a Monday and arriving in China in the middle of Tuesday night.  I'll meet Jacob just a few hours later on Wednesday! I'm hoping to go to his orphanage and I'd love to meet his foster family, although I won't know until I get there if I'll be able to.  A few days later we'll take the bullet train for almost 7 hours to Julia Mei's province.  I'll meet her at 4p.m. the following day and while in her province it's already set up that I will go to visit her Social Welfare Institute.  After we get her passport processed the three of us (gulp) will fly to Guangzhou, where all Chinese adoptions are finalized.  Each child will have a visa medical examination, we will do some sightseeing, go to our Consulate Appointment, and obtain the U.S. entry visas.  We will be arriving home on New Year's Day--what a perfect way to start of 2014!
I'll be bringing a lot of beautiful handmade scarves to each orphanage for the children that are still waiting for families and for the ones that will not be able to be adopted.  Aren't they stunning?  I'm honored to be bringing them on behalf of a lovely high school girl that made them with her friend.

A woman that I have been working on a pilot project for Autism Speaks was so thoughtful and brought me gifts for the kids last week. I am so touched by her generosity and thoughtfulness!  Even though she lives a good hour away she is going to come and visit me in January to meet the kiddos. 

Sorry--I had to just add this in.  Here is Eric and his auntie enjoying some bonding time. Get ready for this crazy family Jacob and Julia Mei!

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