Friday, December 20, 2013

Meanwhile, in Zhengzhou...

Yesterday was really busy and since we missed our nap, I  was exhausted. It was sunny and freezing,  but even with the sun out it's very hazy. First we stopped to take our picture at a store that had a cute little dog inside. Jacob really likes the dog, so we are in luck when we get home.  Next we went to the Civil Affairs Office to complete a bunch of paperwork and thankfully they had a play area. A man approached me and said that I was a good woman for taking a child like that. I don't know if it just came out poorly with the translation or if that's really what he said. I didn't respond because at the time I wasn't sure how to respond... Next up: another building to apply for Jacob's passport.  They had to take his picture at least 10 different times. He had no interest in looking at the camera even with 3 adults telling him to in Chinese and making any sort of noise so that he would face the camera.  At this point I was really starting to get weak from carrying around Chunk for so many hours. I was really afraid I would drop him but couldn't put him in the carrier because I don't even think I had the strength to do so and it was necessary for him to face away from me at each location for fingerprints or pictures.  We went to the next location tp process his passport but they would not process it until the Power of Attorney form was translated.  SO, we went to the next building (up 5 flights of stairs) to have the form translated.  We had our picture taken with the notary and since it was getting so late my guide would apply for Jacob's passport this morning. 
In the van my guide asked me Yi Han's American name and when I told her Jacob she got excited and asked if I had ever heard of a movie called Twilight.  I didn't even think of that when we picked his name, but I'm sure I'll hear that one again.
This morning I put Chunk on my back and we took a long walk around the city. We aren't close to much and even crossing the street is dangerous with so many cars, mopeds and bikers that have no sense of keeping a safe distance. We were ignored for the most part, compared to my experience in Wuhan 3 years ago where there were many friendly faces, all of them wishing Christian the best in life.
This afternoon we took an hour ride over to the orphanage. They provide care for over 800 children,  including ones that are in foster homes like Jacob was. The main road was flooded so we had to find a detour.  It looked like a college campus.  I was welcome to preview different buildings and to take pictures!  In Wuhan pictures of children were forbidden, so this was exciting.  They have apartments in the back for a family foster setting for many of the children. I got to see their Half the Sky and LOCC rooms, as well as their therapy rooms, bedrooms,  and classrooms. The best part was when I was able to donate all of the handmade scarves and hats on behalf of Christine.  My guide translated her card and I received a thank you card to give to her. 
Tonight we took late naps and now we are awake eating noodles and playing.  Tomorrow morning we are taking the train to Julia Mei's province.  Jacob seems to do fine traveling in the van so I'm hoping this trip will be easy.  I stocked up on goodies just in case.
Jacob is really doing great.  He started calling me Mama today.  When he wants something he grabs my hand to show me. He wakes up at night crying and once I pat his back or rub his hair he settles right down. He Is getting feisty at the breakfast buffet. This morning he was throwing muffins like he's already a baseball player.

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  1. So happy your with your boys now! Can't believe in two weeks I will be in the same place. Merry Christmas!