Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Nice to meet you Jacob Yi Han!

What a day! I met with my guide at 10:30 to review paperwork and at about 11 Jacob showed up! I thought we were going to meet him somewhere.  He refused to look at me and kept reaching for the man who brought him to me. He refused to cry but his lip was trembling.  We sat down to sign more paperwork and his full diaper leaked--and he peed on me. Nice to meet you too Mr. Jacob!  I found out that my luggage was found and would  be delivered later, so I was stuck wearing those pants all day.
My guide took me to get my train tickets,  to the bank, and to a corner store. At the bank a man approached Jacob and started making sounds.  That's when the smiles and giggles started.  I grabbed some food for Jacob at the store and we stayed in the room for the day.
He fed himself all day and it's clear that he loves to eat. He is very independent and will use his arm to push me away so he can do something himself.  The diapers that I brought are snug and he has some fantastic chunks going on.
He loves my phone and to look at pictures of himself.  He is very physical and constantly moving all over the bed. After a nice nap I gave him a bath and we continued to wait for the luggage.
Once the luggage showed up I found some toys, pj's,  a toothbrush and a pacifier.  He was beyond thrilled. Jacob is clearly teething and everything goes in his mouth. He crawled in my lap and laughed as he pretended to brush my teeth. He keeps throwing the cars on the floor and giggling as I retrieve them for him. He loves playing peekaboo and talks a lot to me.
We Skyped for a little bit with the family and although slow, having technology this time around is great!
Overall he is a really easygoing little guy! He hates when I change his diaper and is quick to wiggle away. He is tuckering out right now and snuggling on my pillow.
Good night little one. Welcome to the family!

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