Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Exhausted Anyone??

Oh wait, maybe that's just me.

My trip home was pretty much worse than you could have imagined. I won't get into the horrid details because I have to look at the positives:

-we made it home
-our flights were not delayed
-there was an amazing couple sitting behind me that helped me on the long flight
-I was not puked on *seriously, I consider this a positive when I look back at my trip*
-I wore an extra shirt
-I got to go pee.  Once.
-I did not plan a photo session as we got off the flight
-we breezed through immigration (Julia Mei screaming and me having to hold 2 babies, my backpack, drag my carry on suitcase, and my passport holder might have had something to do with it.  Oops.  Starting to get negative.)

There were a few negative issues to highlight on without getting into the nasty details:
-issue with my tickets so I had to recheck my baggage in Shanghai
-again, the double stroller issue--must be checked in China
-explosive diarrhea.  On me. On my beautiful new Beco. On clothes that made it into the garbage near a squatty potty in Shanghai.
-my bag of sweet treats for the kids did not cut it by hour 10.  Or probably hour 6, if that.
-the airline checked my single stroller that I walked on the plane with. Umm what?!  And since Beco #2 was compromised in Shanghai...

I can assure you that I will not be flying again any time soon.  Or, if I do so, it will be solo.

On January 1st, 2014, my children arrived in America!  I was beyond thankful to be home and to see my family. There are no pictures to document our homecoming as we were a complete mess. Julia Mei was wearing boy pajamas.  She had 2 different socks on. Jacob was a blubbery mess after so many hours of travel.  I had my spare shirt on *yes!* but felt gross. Hubby and 2 kids picked us up. We didn't have enough room in the car for all of my kids and my luggage.  This will be the new story of my life. Nana was home watching the other 2 children,  and she cried tears of joy as she met her 2 newest grandbabies.

My phone died for a couple of days and I did not even have the energy to deal with it. Complete survival mode.

We have been struggling to find our new normal, if there even is such a thing right now. Both children have already been to the pediatrician's office and had to be put on antibiotics.  Sleeping is rough. Getting better, but those first few days? Let me just say I am no good without some decent sleep, and coffee alone isn't/wasn't cutting it.


He loves the cats and now that he has learned how to kiss and hug, he is all about smooching on the cats. On their lips.  Gross, but progress! He was very uncomfortable when I took him to the doctor's office--and I was thrilled!  This is huge progress, because he knows the difference between his Mama and a stranger. He will eat all day long if I let him.  He is rough, and we will have to continue to work on being gentle with others.  He is now sleeping in a pack and play, and instead of huge temper tantrums at night, when he wakes up he is quickly comforted when I talk quietly to him and rub his back. Everybody loves this kid--he is full of smiles, giggles, and brings everybody such joy.

Julia Mei

My little princess. She is slowly warming up to this loud family.  She has really taken to her biggest sister, and gives her full smiles now.  She loves to play independently and could go from toy to toy to book to book and be fully content. She loves to rock back and forth to music and is intent on walking.  She is finally starting to sleep better at night, although it must be in my bed next to me. She is starting to talk more and sign.

Ellie couldn't tell them apart at first.  She would say:  Julia Mei!!!! in the most excited little voice when addressing either one of them.  She's not thrilled that she has to share her toys, her Mama and her Nana. She is intent on being the center of attention and this change has been tough on her.

I'll be the first to say:  being home is harder than being in China.  The time {and sleep} difference. Oh my. Three kids that want to be held at the same time.  Four kids that really wanted some Mommy attention as soon as I got home. Two kids that scream when Mommy leaves the room, even if just for a moment. Every room has turned into a toy room.  Three high chairs with no place to go. Two cribs to get in hopes that each child will sleep soundly in his/her room at some point in 2014. I have 2 Dionos that were delivered and need to be installed but it is frigid outside. Big kid injuries on top of it all.

We took the kids to our favorite restaurant yesterday, and I took Jacob grocery shopping solo with no problems at all.  Who can say that about a one year old?!

The medical appointments start next week. We will be running around 2 states to start to get these kids the care they need.

I think I am about to make an early dinner and try for an early bedtime.  I think I deserve it, don't you?


  1. Oh yes. Early bedtime... You deserve it more than anyone else I can think of. Thanks for your candid recount of getting back to life at home. Hang in there, Momma. Things will fall into place soon!

  2. You poor thing. At least you had some positive. It's so hard to travel with children.

    1. Oh, I know. I don't see a family vacation in our near future.

  3. Can I just say how blessed I was to read this? To see such sacrifice and challenge, and yet feel your joy that you ARE home, you DO have your children, and that is all that matters? I have two, beautiful adopted twins that we brought home from the hospital after having birth mom live with us for three months (those were MY labor pains, keeping BM off drugs and away from other horrible things while carrying two babies), and seeing this just made my heart swell with love for those two precious kids you brought into your family. God bless you. <3 It will get better, things will ease into a better routine, and you will, eventually, be able to smile when you think about the craziness of the trip from China to home.
    Blessings to you,

    1. Heather thank you for your comment! It was such an amazing experience and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be where I am today. It looks like you have certainly had your share of struggles finding your new normal as well. Much love.

  4. you most def. do deserve it. And I'm sorry you didn't have all goods to report. It's nice you can still focus on the greats though, in spite of the things that are not so much so. :)

  5. I couldn't imagine traveling over seas with kids! I'm scared to travel cross country with my two!

  6. Wow that sounds like quite a feat! Sounds like you're doing great though! good luck to you! Keep your head up! xo xo

  7. They both looks so cute and wonderful! It sounds like you had a real adventure getting back home. The good thing is that you are home :) Blessings to you whole family and lots of energy and patience to you!

  8. Oh wow, that was a heck of an eventful trip home but you made it safely and that's a blessing in itself. Before you know it, life will be running like a smoothly oiled machine.

    But yes, you deserve several breaks and naps!

  9. Tahnks for the honest insight to the challenge of international travel. Although the adoption journey can be difficult--literally and metaphorically--it well worth the commitment.