Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In the club {foot}

FYI if you are in the medical profession, I recommend that you don't say this to a parent: 

Huh.  I've never seen anything like that...  

As you look perplexed, interested, and confused.  

Or this:

I just learned about Amniotic Banding Syndrome in a class I took years ago.  I've never actually seen it.

It turns out that in addition to an extremely tight amniotic band on her leg, Julia Mei also has a severe club foot. 

The foot cannot be treated until we address the band.

Her band will require 2 surgical releases.  
The first procedure will release the front half, and the second will release the back half. 

About a month after the 2nd surgery, we will start the casting process.  Julia Mei will get new thigh high casts weekly for about 6 weeks.

After that we will schedule a pretty complicated surgery called a posterior and anterior release.  This is not all that common since most babies born in America will have casting done shortly after birth.   

She will have a brace at night for years...and multiple surgeries as we go along.  
Bones will have to be moved around.

Even so, there is no guarantee that any of it will work enough for her foot to be functional, and she still may face an amputation.

However this goes down, she is worth it.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! I haven't gotten any decent pictures lately of this little princess due to a chronic eye issue. It's always something!

  2. We did serial casting first, band release surgury second (still waiting on a surgery date, actually). But Katie's band is a little higher up on her calf.

    1. How tight was the band? The doctor said that is not an option because the foot will expand and it could cause permanent damage because the band is so tight. So....we are on the never ending waiting list for surgery #1. I love your recent post by the way-we have a lot of the same gear (prosthetic stuff).

  3. Worth it indeed! She is gorgeous no matter what. Prayers that her procedures and surgeries are successful with minimal pain!

    1. Your prayers are greatly appreciated!

  4. Aww little sweet baby. I hope the surgery goes well and recovery time is very fast!!

  5. Beautiful baby.. I will keep her and your family in my thoughts as she endures those surgeries and procedures.

    Michelle F.

  6. Sweet baby! I'm praying for her!

  7. Wishing a successful surgery and procedures. She's so adorable!

  8. Awe such a sweetie! Praying that the surgery is sucessful and her healing time is minimal. Hugs xx

  9. What a beautiful child... I hope all goes well with the multiple surgeries.

  10. Sweet girl! I'll be praying for her - and you!

    ~Becky from Wenrich Family Adoption

  11. Her first surgery is this week and I am NERVOUS! Thank you for your prayers!