Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bye bye IEP

It was a Chinese Special Needs adoption.  

We didn't bother to review the file with an international adoption medical expert because we had no intention of saying no either way--and spending up to $500 for the consult just seemed silly.  Google was my friend, although some of the terms listed here didn't translate very well.  

Last month we reviewed his reports for his reevaluation prior to his PPT meeting and we weren't surprised at all.  

This kid does NOT have a special need.  

All of those scary terms from his Chinese file meant nothing.  

When we adopted him we knew it could have gone either way, and we were prepared for anything.  Finding out that other people realize how brilliant he is just happens to be icing on the cake.


Isn't that the kind of son that everybody wants? 

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