Sunday, May 18, 2014


What is a Z-Plasty?  


A Z-Plasty is when a Z shaped incision is made.  In my daughter's case, this was done on her leg and fingers. 


Why in this manner?  

So that the scars will eventually be less visible.

Is this necessary?  Well...yes.  We cannot treat her club foot until it is receiving the blood flow that it needs and she will have increased use of her fingers if they are separated.

Here is the band on her leg.  It is very tight, almost like an elastic band was wrapped around it as tightly as can be.

Why all of the pictures?  I was a little sad/terrified/anxious the night before surgery.  My little baby girl has never been treated surgically prior to this.  As silly as this is, I was feeling down that she would never look just like she did again.

However, this little one was content just jumping on the bed, and sharing a grinder with me.

We arrived at the hotel pretty late...

and we giggled and cuddled until almost midnight.

Goodbye, cute-little-tootsie-as-I-know-it.

Goodbye, happy-little-middle-of-the-night-silly-face.

The surgical team was fantastic. As she went under the music therapist played the guitar and sang sweet songs to her.  I held her in my arms right in the operating room until she was asleep.   I wandered around downtown Boston aimlessly for a couple of hours.  I couldn't just sit and wait.

When she woke up she jumped into my arms...and fell back asleep.  I held her for hours.

When she woke up she was ready to eat and inspect her boo-boos.

Her cuddly new animals kept her calm and content.  Miraculously, she did not need pain medication post-op.  She ate faster than usual. We took a walk and we watched a video with her new friend, another beautiful little patient--also a little lady from China.

The next day the nurse showed me how to dress her surgical spots.  This is about 18 hours post-op.

She was discharged a few hours later and we went home.

We struggled to keep her foot elevated over the weekend.  Julia Mei wanted to be worn so badly that she wrapped herself in my Beco.

We spent 2 full days sitting around.

There was no pain.

The tears only came as I cleaned and re-wrapped her fingers and leg.

And her we are, 3 days post-op.  Do you see the zigzag cuts?  As she grows those will barely be visible.  The blood is flowing nicely into her foot.  She moved her toes.  The color is matching the rest of her body.  Thank you for taking care of my baby, Shriners Hospital. 

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  1. Thanks for the preview of what we'll go through when we do the band release surgery for Katie! That scar doesn't look nearly as bad as Hannah's amputation surgery did. I'm feeling better about it now.

  2. I was so worried Shecki. There is already a huge improvement since Friday. I am changing her dressing but I guess some doctors cast for this.

  3. I agree Kelly. It is looking so amazing almost 4 weeks later and Julia Mei is running around like nothing even happened.