Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mr. Handsome

While at the Shriners burn unit in Boston, I met the most lively little girl, nicknamed Mei Mei.  She has this tiny little body and a big beautiful voice that reminds me of a sister of mine when she was about her age. Mei Mei came home from China last year, and is an absolutely gorgeous and charming little lady.  While in China, a group of teens that were volunteering in her orphanage fell in love with her and started fundraising in order to help raise the money for her to receive the necessary therapies that she needed while in China as well as funds to provide care for her post-adoption. Red Thread Charities is an organization that helps facilitate care for children like Mei Mei, and they were awesome enough to help the teens fundraise...and to help Mei Mei find her forever family.  How amazing is this organization?!  It was through that organization that Mei Mei's mama and baba found her.

Now, Red Thread Charities is working hard to help out this little one. I will call him Mr. Handsome. 
Mr. Handsome is 7 and has lived in the Children's Welfare Institute since infancy. He has been diagnosed with KTS Syndrome, but it doesn't stop him one bit. He likes to exercise,  run, jump, use the hula hoop, skip, and dance. He likes to play puzzles with his best friend.  He is artistic: he enjoys drawing and origami.  Mr. Handsome is social, polite, and charms everyone that he meets. He has 2 best friends that he enjoys playing with and would do anything for.  

Mr. Handsome was not allowed to attend school prior to this year.  The orphanage director did not allow him outside or in the orphanage school because of his foot differences related to KTS Syndrome. The director was afraid of hurting Mr. Handsome's feet, but he states that he is not in any pain. Red Thread Charities representatives encouraged the director to reconsider,  and Mr. Handsome is now being educated in school!  He loves to help his teacher without being prompted.  He helps the younger children and helps to clean the classroom.  He enjoys writing and counting.  
His agency (CHSFS) is offering a $5000 grant to a qualified family. Additional grant funds may be available as well.
Is there room in your family for this smart young man? From what I have read I have no doubt that he would make a wonderful son and brother.  If you would like more information please contact me.
Check out his vimeo here.

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