Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Serial Casting is Serious Business {Ponseti Method}

The past 6 weeks have been quite busy.  Tao started serial casting utilizing the Ponseti Method in August.  Clubfoot treatment for a child over the age of 2 is different when compared to a newborn, and it is nearly impossible to keep this particular child still.  

The first casting day rough.  Tao screamed when the cast was applied, even though her foot was not initially manipulated much--so I don't suspect she was in much pain. 

The second week, she screamed as we entered the office. Every.single.30ish.seats in the waiting room were filled.  I sat on the floor and we waited.
We waited a few hours past our appointment time to see the doctor. I had enough treats to keep her from screaming, although she quietly observed every move the doctors made. 

Since the soft casts only come in white (WHAT?!?!), we invested in some permanent markers. Our new weekly ritual:  coloring the cast.

This was also the week that we discovered that she was done with sitting still. It's too fun being TWO to sit still.  

The third week also included a very long wait to see the doctor.  It turns out that this office is unbelievably busy. 

Either way, the whole family got involved with the cast decorating.  

This is the week that she really became a wild little thing.

She didn't want to stay inside while the other kids got to play outside.  

NO SWINGS!  Yeah right.

This cool little lady went right into week 4 with a foot that clearly looked manipulated. 

I think even Tao was impressed with her foot at that point. 

Week 5 came and went, and we scheduled a surgery date for her Achilles tenotomy. Even though her foot was facing forward, a tenotomy would allow her to have some range of motion in the future. By week 6 this pro was part of the team.  She was handing the doctors the soft cast materials one at a time.
She had her tenotomy last week. She came out of surgery in a lot of pain, and pain management was a struggle for a couple of days.  

Tao is back to herself now, and has figured out her own little way to scoot around. She is finally wearing a pretty pink hard cast for 3 weeks, followed by another hard cast for 3 weeks. 

Next up:  bnb and afo time. 

To be continued...

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Dreaded Family Photo

 We tried again.  I think someday the children will thank me for attempting to document that all 8 of us were actually together in a picture.  Right? Hopefully?  Maybe?  

I took the kids to a preschool fair last spring and entered to win a free photo session with I am I Designs and Photography. We won! If I remember correctly I was there with 7 kids.  Alone.  This must have been the only thing that I entered since I had 1 or 2 kids on my hips at any given moment.

 After our Red Thread Session I was a little weary about the idea of gathering up the troops and trying to pretend that this isn't extremely stressful.  I 

 I finally gathered up the courage to contact the photographer Raquel to set up the session. 
She picked the most amazing location--Topsmead State Forest.  
~It's near a winery.  Good to know.~
About the outfits.  It started with the girls.
 I really wanted to order some amazing Matilda Jane outfits for the girls and actually for me.  
 I am obsessed, especially with the big ruffle pants...
but as it turns out way too broke to invest in the amazing world of MJ right now.  
I will have to start saving my pennies and a whole lot of bills. 
 I was stalking online for something Matilda Jane-ish...
and I found the most darling little handmade ruffled rompers for the girls, made by Chloe Belle's Boutique.
If they made these in adult sizes, I think I would wear them every day. 
 I found some chevron bows for the girls and even some chevron shorts for Jakie.
We were good to go.
The photographer brought a phenomenal assistant.
 She paid attention to the little details when I described my children prior to our session...
and she brought some bubbles, 
and of course, a soccer ball.
There were no tears.  Actually, the littles just thought it was playtime. Besides the heat, it was as relaxing as a photo shoot can get.  Thanks Raquel!  You rock!

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