Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Dreaded Family Photo

 We tried again.  I think someday the children will thank me for attempting to document that all 8 of us were actually together in a picture.  Right? Hopefully?  Maybe?  

I took the kids to a preschool fair last spring and entered to win a free photo session with I am I Designs and Photography. We won! If I remember correctly I was there with 7 kids.  Alone.  This must have been the only thing that I entered since I had 1 or 2 kids on my hips at any given moment.

 After our Red Thread Session I was a little weary about the idea of gathering up the troops and trying to pretend that this isn't extremely stressful.  I 

 I finally gathered up the courage to contact the photographer Raquel to set up the session. 
She picked the most amazing location--Topsmead State Forest.  
~It's near a winery.  Good to know.~
About the outfits.  It started with the girls.
 I really wanted to order some amazing Matilda Jane outfits for the girls and actually for me.  
 I am obsessed, especially with the big ruffle pants...
but as it turns out way too broke to invest in the amazing world of MJ right now.  
I will have to start saving my pennies and a whole lot of bills. 
 I was stalking online for something Matilda Jane-ish...
and I found the most darling little handmade ruffled rompers for the girls, made by Chloe Belle's Boutique.
If they made these in adult sizes, I think I would wear them every day. 
 I found some chevron bows for the girls and even some chevron shorts for Jakie.
We were good to go.
The photographer brought a phenomenal assistant.
 She paid attention to the little details when I described my children prior to our session...
and she brought some bubbles, 
and of course, a soccer ball.
There were no tears.  Actually, the littles just thought it was playtime. Besides the heat, it was as relaxing as a photo shoot can get.  Thanks Raquel!  You rock!

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  1. Large family photos are really hard to do! Looks like you had fun, though! :)

    1. Thank you Shecki--I used to think it was hard with only 2 kids! I'm sure you get it! ;)