Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Boots, Bars, and a Fancy AFO

Now that Tao is not rocking a cast, we can paint those cute little tootsies!

I have learned so much since the complex clubfoot diagnosis. We anticipated an amputation based on a not-so-favored international doctor's consultation. We were open to any treatment, but I must say that treating a complex clubfoot is hard on a family. It is time consuming, especially for a family with 2 working parents. There are so few professionals in the US that are considered experts in this area.  TWO, to be exact. At this point we are trying to continue with regional professionals. 

The ultimate goal is for Tao to lead a pain-free life with no limitations. 

Meanwhile, meet the Mitchell boots and bars. Post-casting, this is the typical treatment.  Usually, babies are in bnb for up to 23 hours daily.  Due to Tao's age, she only wears these at night while she sleeps. 

I'll be honest.  They are tough to put on.  Tao screams when she sees them and I still struggle to get her heel properly in as far as it needs to be.  

Her boots are currently set at 30 and 70 degrees. Only a few weeks old, they are already sporting a kitty sticker on the heel. 

During the day, Tao wears an Ankle Foot Orthosis, also known as an AFO. 

Of course, they have a pretty design with some girly colors.  For my girly-girl. 

She can finally wear a pair of shoes.  

For a girl that has been ooo-ing and ahhh-ing over her sister's glittery and light-up shoes, this is a huge deal. It took her a week or so to gain some confidence, and some strength.  
But now, she runs freely.  My girl is blossoming, both physically and emotionally.

As long as she has her baby and her blankie, she sleeps soundly. 

I got her her very own pair of squeakers, not for everyday use--but to encourage her to walk.  Now, she dances and prances throughout the house. 
I continue to be amazed by this little one that is so brave. 

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  1. We're down to night time AFO only. :) (Katie could never do B&B, having only one foot.) It's nice not to have to fit the AFO into shoes any more.