Monday, December 22, 2014

Dossier Reuse--the update

What to do, what to do?  A few months ago, we were contemplating a dossier reuse, which I posted excitedly about here. We really have gone back and forth on the idea. We have looked at cute faces, considered other needs that we would be open to, and discussed moving forward with our social worker.

In order to move forward with a reuse, we would have to pick a Special Focus child and submit a Letter of Intent prior to the Gotcha/Family Forever date.  Since we adopted 2 last year, the date was the first Gotcha. In our case, that was December 18th.

We have not submitted a Letter of Intent, and as it turns out--we will not be reusing our dossier.

There was a little girl that my husband asked if I could call their agency right away on.  

There were a few little boys that I kept sending pictures of to my husband.  

In the end,  as much as I hate to say it, it keeps coming down to money. Or, in our case, lack thereof.

We are going to focus on paying off our last adoption, and some student loans that just won't go away.

Practical, right?

Meanwhile, we are researching our different options.  Different countries.  Determining what countries we qualify for, and which ones we don't.  We might end up back in China.  Due to some stellar advocates, I see the most adorable kids waiting from China. But, we might not. 

We have a small adoption fund thanks to 2 amazing people. 

China has changed the pre-paid post-placement requirements, meaning that we may get some money back or be able to apply the funds towards our next homestudy. 

So, this next adoption journey is to be continued...

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