Thursday, January 8, 2015

Who doesn't love a little ear? {Microtia Repair, Part 2}

Over the summer, I wrote about my son's first microtia repair procedure, using the rib graft procedure here.  He recovered wonderfully, with some post-op rib pain.  

My son had the second stage of the surgeries 3 weeks ago.  

He received all sorts of toys both pre-and post-op.  The boy likes Transformers, and he also likes THREE Transformers.  But would you look at this gorgeous handmade blanket? It was donated to Shriners patients by the Berkshire Quilters' Guild. WOW.  Isn't it stunning?

This surgery was thankfully less invasive compared to the rib procedure, and did not require an overnight stay at the hospital.  My son struggled when he came to.  He was in pain where they took the skin graft, and confused as to why it hurt so much on his stomach, where they took the skin from.  The confusion (and even anger) ended after a few hours, and we went home to begin the recovery process.  

He wore this cup until just a few days ago for protection.  

So here we are, 3 weeks post-op.  

The skin is healing.

My boy is back to his goofy self.

He was thrilled to go back to karate and basketball, since sitting around apparently gives 6-year-olds lots of energy.  
I'm totally jealous, since sitting around just makes me tired. 

He has 1 more procedure left this summer, and that should be it.  
My son is not a candidate for atresia repair, but we also have an exciting related update:
his first BAHA has been ordered...and he is over the moon with excitement.

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