Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year. To Me.

It was officially my Christmas gift.  From me.  To me.
 Because sometimes it's nice to receive something kinda special in the mail.
 I ordered it mid-December, and the seller was concerned that she may not be
able to get it to me prior to Christmas.  
 Not to worry, since I didn't need her to rush.
 I told her to take her time. 
I'd call it my Chinese New Year gift instead.
 Boy, was it worth the wait.
 Thank goodness that the package was double wrapped, since I found it on the ground, 
in the snow, and covered in mud. 
 Amazingly, my gift was in perfect condition.
 And that silly seller?  She asked me about my children's nicknames...
and unexpectedly included the most beautiful little blue birds...
 along with a heartfelt handwritten note.  
If you would like to see more of what Misty at The Sycamore Hollow has to offer, check her out on Etsy here and Facebook here.  
I now know why she has a 5 star rating.  
Thanks, Misty! You are AMAZING!
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